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High tech

We believe technology is an added value for the integration of educational experiences and to encourage people to move.

TECHline is the competition applied to a score, individual or as a team, which allows prizes to be won while having fun.

A system that can be proposed in any context where you want to increase the steps and encourage users to achieve specific objectives.

Applied to a flat or sloping path, in nature or in the city, TECHline adds new features to the activities proposed to the public. The track, the descent, the circuit becomes active and interactive.

TECHline allows detecting the passage of the players through fixed points: portals, obstacles, play equipment. The system assigns a score and generates a ranking, calculating the performance of the participants.

Each traceable circuit can become the scenario for group competitions and "solo" players who compete with their skills and competences.

The personal ability wins, which can evolve into a team game and combine the performances of individual "participants" who live a common experience.

That of feeling like the protagonist of a video game, in which it is necessary to pass tests to access the next levels.

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