Fun specialists

We have created new experiences since 1990, at every altitude, in every season, outdoors or indoors.
Space where children and youngsters, young and not so young, can have fun in absolute safety, spend exciting moments together while enjoying the activities they love and discovering new ones.
We create space where to play, practice sports, and live together in an active way.


We grew up with fun

Healthy fun helps us grow - each experience is enriched for anyone and at any age. Each of our products is primarily an emotion that goes beyond just fun and must guarantee joy and learning opportunities.

When we create fun experiences, our proposals always have a threefold value: recreational, educational and economic sustainability.


We always start with space

A fun place, even the smallest, does not reflect the sum of many "games" - it derives from a coherent idea and the need to achieve a precise goal. Hence, we are first and foremost consultants, together with our customers we explore wishes and needs; we are then designers, we study the maps and the orography of the territory to understand which slopes and orientations to exploit and we design the best solutions. The individual product is only selected at the end.


Every achievement of ours is unique

Requirements, places and budgets are different each time and consequently, so are the set-ups. Every project of ours is unique, specifically designed to respond to the needs of our customers. We do not limit ourselves to the overall design: we define each element that composes it, with the option to customise both the graphics and the shapes, to create a highly characterising and recognisable single line.


We know what we talk about

During our last twenty years of business we have verified the feasibility of our customers' ideas, the suitability of a product to the initial design, the material tenure, the availability and flexibility of the suppliers and we have analysed each work program and the relevant budgets.

We can address the complexity of each individual project to ensure correspondence between investment and profitability with a unique fun experience.


Over 1000 Installations completed



Largest park 15.000 mq
Longest descent 1.550 m
Highest project 2,300 m asl (Skyway - Mont Blanc)
Lowest project 0 m asl (Fitness Trail - Pevero Golf Club)
Highest frequency 1,200 first daily entrances
Contemporary activities 10 active play/sports areas
Farthest installation Kamori Kanko Co. Sapporo - Japan
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