The new dimension of freestyle!
Simple guide for a sport-fun within everyone's reach.
Suitable for children and adults, this small sled, apparently similar to a toy, is actually very sturdy, easy to handle, light and supports a weight up to 110 Kg.
Available in different colors and customizable.

Some products used to set up the SuperSLOPE

  • Flizzer sled

    Flizzer sled

    The Flizzer Sleds are the union of craftsmanship and innovation. We have been producing the famous sleds in Sulgen since

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  • Snow Bike fun

    Snow Bike fun

    It's not a bike, but it's not a ski either ... if I take the bike and attach the skis? Up

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  • Portals and passages

    Portals and passages

    Available in various types of arched portal and passage, with different shapes and sizes. They are used as accesses to

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  • Didactic aids - elements for itineraries

    Didactic aids - elements for itineraries

    Specific line of articles for setting up skiable routes.Ideal for simplifying learning and stimulating the beginner's acquisition of the basic

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  • Snow Bob

    Snow Bob

    The bobs are made with first choice plastic sheets, vacuum printed.They are assembled manually: the seat is brought back, the

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  • Trikke Skki Line

    Trikke Skki Line

    A new downhill experience on the snowy winter slopes.No more heavy and rigid boots, no more bindings and at the

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  • Snake Gliss sled

    Snake Gliss sled

    SNAKE-GLISS is an innovative sled, which can be used individually or in groups, according to a unique concept of "Sleigh

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  • Ghosky Line

    Ghosky Line

    Thanks to the revolutionary driving system, this sled can be maneuvered very easily, through the oscillation of the body.The oscillating

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  • fun ride with Yooner

    fun ride with Yooner

    Lightweight and easy to handle, Yooner can be driven very easily.The comfortable shape of the seat and the front support

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  • Summer Snow Tubing

    Summer Snow Tubing

    Artificial slope for snow tubing on synthetic slopes.It reproduces the thrill of snow tubing on snow, thanks to the smoothness

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  • Winter Snow Tubing

    Winter Snow Tubing

    Developed in the United States, it quickly spread to Europe.It is an activity practicable on snow-covered slopes, specially beaten and

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  • easy and gun ride with Minibob

    easy and gun ride with Minibob

    The new dimension of freestyle!Simple guide for a sport-fun within everyone's reach.Suitable for children and adults, this small sled, apparently

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