Whether it is an uncontaminated place or the city center, the context deserves attention and respect and any of our interventions are aimed at creating unique experiences in harmony with the landscape.

We are able to offer fun experiences on the snow or on grassy ground.

We study the spaces according to the maximum usability and for an active role of those who live them. Younger children will discover new stimuli while playing, children and adults will be able to exercise, train or engage in activities full of emotions.

In summer and winter, we offer winning solutions, for every type of user, to create a play area or a recreational space that is also interesting for children and adults. Playgrounds, adventure and mountain bike trails, wellness trails, open-air gyms. In winter Kinderheim on the snow with weatherproof products.

Nature parks where space is organized to offer growth experiences, in which to do physical activity and have fun while learning; all with modern and interactive design materials.

Each product is designed to allow usability in absolute safety, certified according to current regulations and to ensure a qualitative result at the highest levels on the market.

A team of professionals ready to provide you:

  • Assistance and advice for the design of leisure and sports areas for winter and summer use. Nature parks and play areas, wellness paths, workout stations and outdoor fitness
  • Specific equipment and products for setting up flat areas: playgrounds, tracks for MTB, mini golf, slides, trampolines and outdoor gyms
  • Lines with selected materials (wood, plastic, metal and steel), for solutions aimed at every type of need
  • Custom themed graphics, according to specific requests or in line with the coordinated image of the customer.

Playground products:

  • Balance in Metal

    Balance in Metal

    Play tools available in wood or metal, favor the combination of playful activity with sporting activity.Stimulation and improvement of motor Read More
  • Street Workout - Herkules Line

    Street Workout - Herkules Line

    "Street training" of the calisthenics type, based on bodyweight gymnastics exercises.Practiced more outdoors rather than in the gym, it is Read More
  • Street Workout - Star Line

    Street Workout - Star Line

    "Street training" of the calisthenics type, based on bodyweight gymnastics exercises.Practiced more outdoors rather than in the gym, it is Read More
  • Climbing in Metal

    Climbing in Metal

    Various possibilities to climb, to overcome one's limits, individually and in groups.Pyramids of ropes, rope trees, walls, multi-activity gyms and Read More
  • Mountain Bike tracks

    Mountain Bike tracks

    Specific structures for mountain biking in easily accessible places.Sports use, preparatory for teaching by professional instructors, and recreational use, in Read More
  • Active Trail routes in wood

    Active Trail routes in wood

    Creation of a mini adventure park, Play Active Mini adventure park, it does not require harnesses or specific technical skills.Ideal Read More
  • Outdoor Gym - Star Line

    Outdoor Gym - Star Line

    An open-air gym, particularly suitable for the physical maintenance of adults and suitable, due to its characteristics, also for the Read More
  • Agility in metal

    Agility in metal

    Play equipment and facilities that promote physical exercise by strengthening balance and correct coordination of movements.Dexterity and concentration to overcome Read More
  • Elastic trampolines

    Elastic trampolines

    Attraction suitable for all age groups, from children to adults.Available in the underground and above ground versions, they can be Read More
  • Slides


    Slipping what a passion!Multiple types of slide, for all ages and for all conditions.Straight, with a wide track, with curves, Read More
  • Outdoor Gym - Herkules line

    Outdoor Gym - Herkules line

    HERKULES FITNESS MAKES SPORT ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE !! Discover our wide range of outdoor fitness equipment. The different lines available allow Read More
  • Robinia wood

    Robinia wood

    This line is distinguished by the type of wood used, the black locust. An out of the ordinary material, whose Read More
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