For us, attention to the area is paramount.

Whether it is an uncontaminated place or a city centre, the context deserves attention and respect, and any kind of intervention is aimed at creating unique experiences in harmony with the landscape.

We can offer fun experiences on the snow or on grassy land.

We study the space according to the maximum usability and for an active role of those who enjoy them; young kids will learn byplaying with new stimuli, youngsters and adults can exercise, train or compare with others by means of activities that are rich in emotions.

We propose winning solutions for every type of user in summer and winter, to create a play area or an interesting recreational space for youngsters as well as adults. Play facilities, adventure and mountain bike trails, wellness trails and open air gyms. In winter, kindergarten on the snow with weatherproof products.

Natureparks where space is organised to offer growth experiences, where to enjoy physical activity and have fun while learning; all with modern, interactive and design materials.

Each product is specifically designed to allow absolute safe use, certified according to the regulations in force and to ensure a qualitative result at the highest levels on the market.  

Un team di professionisti pronto a fornirti:

  • Assistenza e consulenza per la progettazione di aree di svago e sport ad uso invernale e estivo. Parchi natura e spazi gioco, percorsi benessere, work-out station e outdoor fitness
  • Attrezzature e prodotti specifici per l’allestimento di aree in piano: impianti gioco, tracciati per MTB, mini golf, scivoli, tappeti elastici e palestre all’aria aperta
  • Linee con materiali selezionati (legno, plastica, metallo e acciaio), per soluzioni mirate ad ogni tipo di esigenza
  • Grafiche personalizzate a tema, secondo richieste specifiche o in linea con l’immagine coordinata del cliente

Prodotti per parco giochi:

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