A cave in the snow, full of traps and pitfalls all along the winding path.
This is The Cave, an innovative route designed for Carosello 3000 and dedicated to skiers wishing to experience alternative sensations to those experienced on normal ski slopes.

Fast and flowing lines, parabolic curves, large snow bumps and foam rubber obstacles to overcome for a SuperSLOPE suitable for every skill level, where curves and obstacles are designed to ensure the safety of everyone, including little guests.


In the slope they are present

  • Bring them to your departure
  • Parabolic curves
  • Giant slalom hurdles
  • Special slalom hurdles
  • Bumps and bumps for jumps
  • Hanging obstacles
  • Arched passages
  • Jump platform
  • Tunnel passages

Where is it

Livigno - Valtellina
Arrival of the Carosello 3000 di San Rocco cable car (n ° 12) just below the Refuge.
The entrance portal is located in the starting area of the Polvere and Centrale slopes.

About Us
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