This superSLOPE was born under the flag and colors of the "Pirates".
In collaboration and with the freestyler team "The Pirates" from Alta Badia we have designed an electrifying slope, full of parabolic curves, bumps, jumps and elements for skiing while having fun.
The track is built directly and maintained by the gattisti of the Gardenaccia lifts.

Skiers of different ages and levels can tackle the route without problems, adapting it to their abilities, finding in any case ideas for tricks and activities suitable for different speeds and difficulties.

The Pirates graphics mark the path and uniquely characterize all the passages and the path itself: from the starting arch to the arrival obelisks.

The track is in any case safe and all the elements are in foam rubber and PVC.


In the slope they are present

  • Arch at the start
  • Parabolic curves
  • Boomerang gong
  • Boomerang
  • Jump platform
  • Barrel obstacles
  • Snail tunnel
  • Arrival obelisks


Where is it

Gardenaccia - Alta Badia
under the chairlift (chairlift name)

About Us
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