Upstream school camp and new blue “Salvan” slope under the eyes of the Bregostana witch.


The first blue slope and the school field of the Buffaure ski area made their debut in December 2021, reachable with the cable car that starts from  Pozza di Fassa (TN) and reaches an altitude of 2,000 meters in 8 minutes. Gea Fun Experience, which together with the Funivie Buffaure Company, has designed the most innovative solutions to enhance and help make the resort more attractive both in winter and in summer, to equip the park with the best equipment for fun and learning.




Dedicated to "Salvan" - the legendary bearded character who inhabits the woods and rivers of the area - the blue run is guarded by the witch Bregostana, a wooden work by the artist Francesco Franz Avancini who observes the skiers from above. Between one descent and the next, you can spend relaxing moments in 4 refuges to taste the local food and wine specialties.



Located in a sunny, flat and very suggestive area, the ski school upstream is available to ski schools and families with children who want to take their first steps on the snow.

A boomerang signed by Gea welcomes the camp and highlights the name of the Buffaure ski area which is connected to the well-known Sellaronda circuit, much appreciated by skiers as it includes the four valleys of Fassa, Gardena, Badia and Arabba.

The park includes two treadmills that lead beginners to become familiar with skiing and snowboarding, independently or with the help of the instructors of the  Pozza di Fassa Ski School, among small natural slopes, tunnels, skittles and the inevitable silhouettes of Salvan, which accompany the experience at high altitude even during the summer.

Next to the school field there is also a sledge lift to be tackled on board the rafts.





The equipment inserted by Gea are not simple figures, but teaching aids to learn to ski more easily: the mushroom-shaped passage is used to make children bend on their knees and learn the movement of the legs to bend while the cones are used to teach children. to avoid them by making turns.

Even the sound hand with many interchangeable music makes the experience more complete: striking the hand activates various melodies ranging from the Tyrolean one to the sound of a jet leaving. Feedback that drives the little ones crazy!

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