Why do we have to take the shapes of seats and sofas when they can adapt to our body?

Aladin guarantees you maximum relaxation in every situation and in every place.

Designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, the soft padded Aladin armchairs are suitable for the beach, swimming pool, hotel, relaxation rooms, wellness spas, in any interior (you can also use them as floating mattresses).

A whole range of padded cushions, backless seats, armchairs and bean bags, light and resistant, available in many different fabrics and colors, which can be combined with each other.

The soft Aladin furnishings blend perfectly with any type of interior and exterior design and space.

The simple and clean shapes allow it to adapt to any environment and lifestyle.


Soft seating models Aladin
Pearbag - upholstered bean bag
Sittingdish - soft seat
Pillow - giant padded cushion (deckchair - armchair)
Applebag - soft upholstered armchair with armrests


Aladin soft armchairs - Made in Italy craftsmanship
Aladin is entirely handmade in Italy. For this we can create customizations and tailor-made models, for specific needs.

The soft Aladin armchairs are of great comfort and personality. Through the customization of even a few pieces (with screen printing or digital printing), it is possible to characterize your spaces in an exclusive and engaging way with logos or images, according to your brands or scenographic needs.

For more information on Aladin armchairs, visit the website www.aladindesign.it

Below, a selection of images that show how aladin upholstered seats are ideal in the most diverse situations.
Style, comfort and personality.

Try them and you will never get up again!

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