Projects and new ideas to slip into the fun

GEA in Langhirano (Parma) invents original solutions to animate the ski slopes, making them even more attractive for children and adults.

Giovanna Della Cagnoletta and Matteo Pulli have been guiding it for almost twenty years with growing success in Italy and abroad, with their creativity and resourcefulness always declined towards the requests and needs of the client.

Silhouettes, arches, themed paths, wooden articles: everything you need to set up a playground, a kinderheim, a child-friendly school camp but also proposals for something more, to convince, for example, the winter resorts that on certain slopes, set up in a certain way, for the simple pleasure of sliding without being enslaved by the technical and stylistic obsession, adults and their puppies can go down together, having fun together.

Indeed, GEA's superSLOPE are becoming a must for many locations and GEA's boomerang are conquering the market.


They are fun slopes that increase the passages, equipped according to the indications of our design formulated in collaboration with the client and which takes into account the technical needs of beating and the problems related to the technical didactic progression of skiing.

The boomerang is GEA's other strong and innovative product. And it is already a success that now identifies GEA and with which the localities can identify themselves. It is that banana-shaped structure covered with foam that serves to promote logos, to welcome guests on the slopes, to allow guests to remember the location where they are skiing in a selfie to send to friends.

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